Mercedes-Benz AMG One hits the ‘Ring in possible record attempt preparation

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Mercedes-Benz AMG in June finally revealed the production version of the One hypercar, and the first examples will be delivered to eagerly awaiting customers later this year—a five-year wait since the reveal of the concept at the 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show.

AMG has boasted the One will come close to matching the performance of Formula 1 and top-level sports prototype race cars out on the track, and you can bet a lap record for production cars at the Nürburgring is on the agenda. The time to beat is 6:43.61, set by AMG’s own GT Black Series in 2020.

Right on cue, the hybrid hypercar was spotted this week testing hard at the ‘Ring. It’s possible the team at AMG are fine tuning things and monitoring sector times in preparation for a record attempt.

Interestingly, former AMG chief Tobias Moers in early 2018 said the One had the potential to beat the longstanding all-out record of 6:11.13 set in 1983 by a Porsche 956 race car with Stefan Bellof behind the wheel. A few months after Moers made the comment, Porsche took its 919 Evo time-attack special around the ‘Ring in an insane 5:19.55, a time the One is unlikely to touch.

Mercedes AMG W07 Hybrid 2016 Formula One car power unit

Mercedes AMG W07 Hybrid 2016 Formula One car power unit

The One is powered by the same engine found in the current crop of cars raced by the Mercedes F1 team. It’s a 1.6-liter turbocharged V-6, specifically the unit from the championship-winning race car from the 2015 season.

The One actually features a more sophisticated powertrain than the F1 car, though. While in the race car there’s only the turbocharged V-6 and a motor-generator driving the rear wheels, plus a second motor-generator integrated with the turbocharger, the One has two additional motor-generators. These drive each of the front wheels and provide the One with all-wheel drive. Peak output is 1,049 hp, though the car is relatively heavy for a two-seater, weighing in at 3,737 pounds, or close to the weight of a Ford Mustang GT.

Mercedes-Benz AMG One

Mercedes-Benz AMG One

AMG plans to build just 275 examples, each priced at 2.275 million euros (approximately $2.311 million), and all build slots are gone.

Even though a lot of those build slots went to customers in the U.S., AMG wasn’t able to certify the car and its finicky F1 engine for sale here without a substantial loss in performance. There is some hope for U.S. customers in the form of the Show or Display rule. Under the rule, non-U.S. certified cars with historical or technological significance can be granted permission for private import, albeit with restrictions, such as annual mileage limited to 2,500 miles.

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