Lucky Biker Discovers Helmets Save Lives After His Head Ends Up Under Bus Wheels


A biker from Brazil had a near-death experience when his head ended up under the wheels of a bus. Thankfully, the man was wearing a helmet which proved to be life-saving in combination with the great reflexes of the bus driver.

The incident was caught on a safety camera and the footage ended up on Reddit thanks to a user called mclemente26. As we can see, the unlucky guy fell off his bike during an emergency braking maneuver, as he was trying to avoid the green bus that was taking the turn. What happens next is noteworthy, educational and terrifying at the same time.

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The biker’s fall ended with him right under the rear wheels of the moving bus. His head was seemingly squeezed under the heavyweight vehicle but the helmet proved to be the priceless accessory that saved his life. The man was dragged on the tarmac for a few meters before the driver of the bus hit the brakes and stopped the vehicle.

A few seconds later and while most of the bystanders were anticipating a tragedy, the man started moving his hands and head, realizing how lucky he was to be alive after this shocking experience. Some people approached him and helped him stand up while lifting his bike up and examining the damaged helmet. Interestingly, another biker who was not wearing a helmet passed by and witnessed the aftermath. Maybe this incident will change peoples’ minds and save more bikers’ lives in the process.

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