Dodge Challenger Hellcat Crashes And Driver Flees On LA’s New $588 Million Bridge


Dramatic footage has captured the moment when a white Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat crashed heavily on the new Sixth Street Viaduct bridge in Los Angeles.

Vision shows the driver of the Dodge performing a smoky burnout in the center of the bridge, despite the fact that there were lots of other cars on the other side of the road. It is no secret that the Hellcat is a very powerful car and any car with so much grunt requires a lot of care to be driven safely. Evidently, the driver of this Hellcat doesn’t have any concern for the wellbeing of other road users, nor pedestrians.

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As the Hellcat spins up its wheels along the bridge, it begins to slide to the left. The driver makes no apparent attempt to correct the slid and ends up slamming head-first into a silver sedan traveling in the opposite direction. In the process, the Hellcat also clips the rear quarter of a white 11th-generation Honda Civic. The Dodge only came to a rest after hopping over a curb and crashing into a wall on the side of the bridge.

What’s equally as terrible as the incident itself is the fact that the male driver of the car pulled out a backpack from the Hellcat, grabbed what appeared to be the keys, and then fled the scene.

The $588 million bridge is the largest and most expensive bridge ever erected in the city of Los Angeles and has attracted a lot of unwanted attention since its opening. The Los Angeles Times notes that street racers have been speeding along the bridge, skaterboarders have been riding down the bridge’s large arches, and motorists have been doing donuts on it.

Speaking with the LA Times, Eastside Councilman Kevin De Leon said the city will add cameras on the bridge in an attempt to deter any illegal activity.

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