In Case You Were Wondering, You Can Live Out Of A Toyota GR86


Sports cars are rarely known for their practicality, and small ones even less so, which is why Japanese YouTuber Koooo Drive & Camp’s Toyota GR86 being used as a camping vehicle is so impressive.

To start, the sheer amount of camping gear that was able to fit in the car is a feat all by itself. In the rear of the GR86 alone, Koooo Drive & Camp was able to fit a cooler, a tent, a folding chair, a firepit, a stove, a lantern, cookware, and two tables. In the video below, you can see him take all the items out and set up an entire campsite complete with seating, tables, and a cooking/eating area.

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Onto his sleeping arrangement, in order to fit without being restricted for space, the rear seats are folded down. From there, he places a hard plastic floor over the gaps of the rear leg areas, then covers the windows with sunshades for privacy. Once that’s done, he then lays down a padded mat, then places his sleeping bag on top.

All things considered, he actually has a decent amount of room in the back of the GR86, so much so that he’s able to fit a whole table next to him that holds various essentials like a fan and lights. Not only that, but with the sleeping area dismantled, he actually has enough room to cook and eat a whole meal in the back seat, as seen in the video below.

Overall, the feat is impressive, and shows that when it comes to small car practicality, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

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