Nothing To See Here, Just Another Ford Mustang Drifting And Getting Stuck On The Median


There has perhaps never been a car that has set the internet alight as frequently as the Ford Mustang as so many of them have been involved in accidents, most of the times due to their drivers’ behavior.

A clip recently surfaced on Reddit featuring a bright yellow Mustang and as you can probably already tell, it doesn’t show the powerful muscle car traveling in a straight line. Instead, it shows a driver with too much confidence and not enough skill.

The video appears to be have been filmed somewhere in the United States and starts off by showing the driver of the pony car powersliding through an intersection. It’s loud and for the first few moments, the driver appears to have the slide under control.

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However, the driver quickly realized they were out of their depth and appear to have lifted off the throttle and hit the brakes. The car continues to slide to the left and ultimately slams into the median in the middle of the road.

The Mustang likely escaped without too much damage and may have only suffered a few scuffs and scratches to its front bumper, side skirts, and undertray. All of these parts should be repairable but repairing the driver’s ego may prove a little more tricky.

GIF / video via Reddit

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