15-Year-Old Off-Roader In Jeep Cherokee XJ Survives Rolling Off A Cliff In Epic Fashion


It’s one thing to survive, it’s another entirely to survive with style, and nobody demonstrates that better than the off-road father-daughter team known as the Krazy Ks.

The team posted a video of Katelynn – who’s only 15, by the way – rolling her modified Jeep Cherokee XJ during an off-roading event at Chokecherry Canyon, New Mexico, in 2021. To say that it just rolled over, though, is to do the accident an injustice. This isn’t some slow roll, the XJ actually ends up falling off a cliff and landing on its side in what is, for more than just a moment, a very scary scene.

As Kevin (who describes himself as the team’s dad/spotter) rushes down to make sure that his kid is okay, relief is finally found when another spotter says she’s alright. When he actually reaches her, though, we understand that Katelynn is more than just alright, she’s a badass.

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“Someone better have gotten that on video,” she yells gleefully as she emerges from the crunched up SUV.

Fortunately, the cage and the vehicle did their job of protecting the driver. Unfortunately, it seems they were sacrificed in the process, as a later post states that the SUV was totaled in the accident.

“Here you have it folks, the very last photo taken of the XJ before it went off the cliff,” they write. As has been amply proven, though, the team doesn’t just give up and the lost 1996 XJ has ceded its place to a 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ buggy that was built by Reeves Off Road.

Since getting the new buggy, Katelynn doesn’t appear to have lost any of her courage, either, as yet another picture shows her getting out of the vehicle that’s on its side. Fortunately, this time the accident looks to have been much less severe.

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