This Hyundai Elantra Is Having A Lamborghini Identity Crisis


Owning a Lamborghini is a dream for many but unfortunately, it’s something that only the wealthiest of individuals will ever get to experience. That’s where replicas and Lamborghini-inspired bodykits come in.

If you’re a regular reader of CarScoops, you’ve probably seen plenty of Lamborghini replicas over the years. Some of them are pretty impressive but most of them look cheap and tacky. While this creation isn’t a complete Lamborghini replica but rather a body kit created to give this Hyundai Elantra the feel of a Huracan, it’s still quite odd.

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We first stumbled across photos of the Elantra on Facebook. It’s unclear where exactly the car resides but its owner was obviously eager to give the rather bland sedan some added ‘style’ and aggression and have done so with some rather dramatic changes.

The most obvious modification made to this Hyundai is the fitment of a front bumper not dissimilar to what you’ll find on a Huracan. As such, there are two large air intakes and a small central grille. A badge similar in shape to the Lamborghini badge is also featured, although it appears to depict a horse rather than a bull.

Alterations continue along the side of the car and include extended side skirts and a set of black wheels with orange brake calipers. Finishing things off are some odd mods made to the rear, although they don’t appear to have been inspired by the Huracan. The most obvious change is a new rear bumper with orange accents and a dramatic diffuser. There is also a new badge, again featuring a horse.

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