Bizarre Stunt Sees Woman Exit Her Car In The Middle Of The Road, Lets It Roll Into Oncoming Traffic


We’ve seen all sorts of weird stunts involving people leaving their cars while they’re still moving, but few are as curious as this one showing a woman abandoning her Hyundai Sonata in the middle of the road to drift off into traffic.

The video of the incident begins with the woman stopping her car in the middle of an active roadway fast enough that the recording car behind her nearly rear-ended it. After that, she got out of the car while it was still in neutral, pushed it down the highway, and abandoned it with the door still open to wreak havoc in traffic.

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And that’s exactly what it did. The unmanned Sonata started its journey rolling down the hill on the side of the road it was in, but since there was obviously nobody at the wheel, it careened over the median into oncoming traffic. This led several vehicles to either stop or swerve out of the way, with two of the latter nearly coming into contact with each other. And on top of that, this was only what we saw in the video, let alone any of the effects on traffic afterward.

We’re not quite sure what the woman was thinking with this stunt. One of the unfortunately more obvious answers could be that it was for social media, but it doesn’t appear that the woman was recording, and there’s no way a camera in the car would be able to capture her, let alone the fact that she wouldn’t able to recover it if it did. Truth be told, her actions are really baffling.

Why do you think she did it? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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