Man In Motorized Wheelchair Tows Powerboat Down California Road


The rise of electric vehicles has made more of us aware of the fact that electric motors are very torquey but one man in California decided to demonstrate that with his motorized wheelchair.

First filmed and posted to Facebook by Christopher Jacoby while in El Cajon, California, near San Diego, the wheelchair driver can be seen making a left-hand turn through an intersection in his wheelchair while towing a full-size trailer with a powerboat on it.

“What in the f***ing world is this?” Jacoby can be heard saying. “Holy S****. Dude is holding up traffic, towing a boat. He’s trying to get over! Hahahaha.”

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The wheelchair seems to be handling the job reasonably well, though the chair does wobble slightly coming around the corner, hinting at the danger inherent in this kind of activity. Just because you have the torque to tow something, doesn’t mean you have the brakes to stop it or the stability to prevent it from toppling you over.

Tire Meets Road reports that this wheelchair driver and his makeshift hitch might not be engaging in anything explicitly illegal. Although I’m pretty sure that the law doesn’t work like the rules of basketball in the Air Bud cinematic universe, the rules surrounding towing in California seem to be mostly concerned about whether or not a driver has rigged up their taillights.

The site also points out that this isn’t the first time this has happened. Committed boaters in England and Australia have also attempted these kinds of shenanigans before, though the Australian man was pulled over shortly after being spotted by police, according to UPI.

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