Two Semi Trucks Collide On Rainy Texas Highway Causing Massive Crash


When driving in the rain, it’s extremely important to be extra cautious. This is increasingly true when piloting large vehicles like semi trucks, and a prime example of that is this massive accident that happened on a rainy Texas highway last week.

The incident occurred in San Antonio on the westbound direction of I-10 near North Frio Street. A dashcam from a nearby car captured the whole ordeal, which began with two semi trucks driving normally down the road in the rain. We can then see the truck on the left apply the brakes, likely because he’s going too fast given the fact that the truck to his right does not brake.

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However, that effort was seemingly not enough, as the truck loses control, hits the barrier, and barrels back into the truck to the right, causing it to jackknife. The first truck then heads back towards the barrier and drives right through it, nearly flipping over and leaving it suspended halfway off the road. The end result was one semi truck jackknifed, immobile, and blocking the highway, with the other hanging over the guardrail onto the ramp below with its front end completely destroyed.

The accident caused that entire section of highway in both directions to close down for a few hours, and drivers were advised to take alternate routes until it was cleared up. Thankfully, according to officials at the scene there were no injuries as a result of the accident, but that being said, the damages caused to these trucks will likely be very costly to repair.

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