Nobody Said The C8 Corvette Was A Good Off-Roader But A Texan Proved It’s A Bad One Beaching It


With all the Dakar-style, off-road supercars coming out, it’s easy for owners of the standard sport and supercars to fool themselves into thinking theirs are more capable than they really are. One C8 Corvette owner found that out to his cost on a beach in Galveston, Texas.

Like Carlos Sainz, this Corvette owner found out that a mid-mounted engine, though favorable for grip in most cases, doesn’t prevent a low-slung car from getting beached when the road gets soft. Worse still, the whole ordeal was caught in a video first noticed by Corvette Blogger.

Fortunately for this Corvette driver’s pride, he isn’t the only one having a hard time escaping the sand, which was apparently softer than anyone anticipated. The sports car sits stranded behind several less track-focused vehicles, including a Ford F-150.

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Less fortunately for the owner, a Chrysler minivan proves that it’s possible to escape the sand by simply scooting by all the stuck vehicles without stopping.

Eventually, the Corvette does become freed from its sandy prison with the help of a tow truck that, for some reason attaches a tow rope to the car’s wheel. Not sure if that’s a regulation practice but if I were this Corvette owner’s mechanic I’d start planning for a payday.

Even if the car miraculously escaped without damage, though, I’d assume that after the day they’ve had, this Corvette’s driver will be walking to the beach from a little farther away from now on.

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