Nissan GT-R With Rare $20k Bodykit Smacks Into A Tree After Leaving University Car Show


A Nissan GT-R with a rare body kit met a bitter end when the driver lost control and smashed into a tree while leaving a car show.

The incident happened after the Central Connecticut State University’s C3 car show, which took place on Sunday, April 10. According to the videos posted on social media such as Youtube and Reddit, the Japanese supercar was the winner of “Best in Show”, but the driver quickly became the loser after leaving the show.

The driver nails the throttle as he leaves the show, eager to show off a stylish powerslide for the crowd. Unfortunately, it all goes awry as the (presumably) cold tires send the AWD GT-R into a tank slapper causing the driver to over-correct and, eventually, the sports car wraps itself around a tree.

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The GT-R featured a rare and expensive “Kamizake-R Ver. 2 Super Sonic” body kit from Varis, which according to the website is worth $20,775, if we’re looking at the correct model. While the kit isn’t specifically advertised as making the vehicle look like a certain pony car, it surely appears to make its driver behave like as if he drove one.

Luckily, the driver wasn’t injured as the airbags deployed as expected, but we can bet his ego is seriously bruised, not to mention his wallet.

The owner identified himself in the comment section of an Instagram post as @safran_NVP and stated that he would get the car fixed and likely sell it. Maybe there’s a chance the body kit could be salvaged and installed on another car, but the GT-R itself is probably an insurance write-off.

Screenshot via YouTube

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