Can You Help Identify This Truck That Hit A Tesla Model 3 And Fled The Scene?


A Reddit user says that, a few days ago, a big old Ford truck slammed into their brother’s Tesla and then sped away from the scene. The whole incident was caught with cameras onboard the Model 3 and now the victim needs help finding the culprit. According to them, the police aren’t doing anything to help so maybe the Carscoops community can come to the rescue.

The incident took place in Sacramento, California, and shows a large Ford truck simply failing to stop in time to prevent a rear-end collision with the Model 3. Somewhat miraculously, the rear camera continues to function despite the fact that it gets punched into the trunk.

In the footage, we see a flag-esque vanity plate with the Masonic symbols of the compass and square on the front of the truck. We can also make out the fact that this pickup isn’t sporting a normal stock Ford grille either. Directly after the impact, the truck pulls towards the right and speeds off.

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While it might not be the prudent thing, we’re a little surprised that the driver didn’t just chase the truck down, sort of the way another Model 3 driver tracked down a car thief a few weeks back. The poster later included footage from the front showing that this wasn’t some road rage brake check either. Regardless, it seems that police wouldn’t come to the rescue.

According to the poster, the police told the Tesla driver “if there isn’t an injury, just leave the scene and file a report the next day since it was Sunday… So pretty much all we got was a report for to give to insurance and the cops are refusing to do ANYTHING at all.”

If you have any information on the vehicle, feel free to contribute to the active reddit thread about the incident. It seems as though many there have already come up with some good information including the fact that the truck is likely a mid-90s F-350.

They’ve also contributed a list of the Masonic lodges in the area and their meeting times so that the driver and poster can try and track down the truck through them. We hope this Tesla driver can find the person responsible because this behavior is simply unacceptable.

Lead Image Credit kamal916 on Reddit

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