Russian Tank Goes Out Of Its Way To Crush Civilian Car In Ukraine, Driver Miraculously Survives


*WARNING: Some readers may find the following videos disturbing

As reports of the Russian invasion in Ukraine continue to emerge, the toll the military occupation is taking on civilians is becoming clearer. New footage released on Friday shows an armored vehicle, which multiple sources claim is Russian, driving down a highway, swerving out of its way to run over a civilian vehicle driving in the opposite direction.

The tank sits atop the vehicle, rocking back and forth, and people in the room from which the event is being filmed can be heard screaming in horror. Gunfire can be heard in the background.

Miraculously, separate footage, purporting to be of the same car, shows a man trapped in the driver’s seat but still alert. The vehicle is surrounded by others attempting to peel away the metal to free the driver. The extent of the man’s injuries and his current condition are unknown.

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The Sun reports that the armored vehicle is a Strela-10 with anti-aircraft guns, a military vehicle used by both the Russian and Ukrainian armies.

“I saw an armored vehicle and there was automatic fire,” Viktor Berbash, a Kyiv resident told the New York Post, adding that he believed the tank deliberately targeted the car. “It was not by chance, it was for fun, there was no need for this […] And it just ran into this car. Stopped, reversed over it again and drove on.”

The footage, which has been confirmed as authentic by Snopes, emerges as Russian forces close on the Ukrainian capital. Missiles have reportedly pounded the capital and the city has “entered into a defensive phase,” according to Kyiv’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, reports the CBC.

In a statement posted on Twitter on Friday, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, called on outside observers to ramp up sanctions against Russia saying that “not all possibilities for sanctions have been exhausted yet.”

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