Slow And Furious Ford Mustang Gets T-Boned By A Truck


Yet another Ford Mustang has been involved in a crash in the U.S. but this one is a little different from most others as it doesn’t feature an overzealous driver with a lead foot leaving a car meet.

Footage of the crash was shared to Reddit and shows the driver of the Mustang stopping on the road to make a left-hand turn across oncoming traffic. The driver can be seen waiting for a gap before making the left turn but unfortunately, when he decided to go for it, a massive Ford pickup truck was approaching.

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The huge pickup is unable to avoid hitting the Mustang and slams directly into the side of it. Making things worse is the fact that the Mustang driver appeared to slam on the brakes directly in front of the truck, no doubt concerned about the impending impact but ultimately making it worse.

Taking to Reddit to explain the crash, the son of the Mustang owner notes that the car was a 2019 GT with the Performance Pack 2. His dad claims that he thought the white Ford pickup was turning into a right lane which would have allowed for him to safely cross the road to make the left turn. Evidently, he was wrong as the pickup was not turning right.

An image shared online of the Mustang after the crash shows that it suffered extensive damage across the passenger side. Given the sheer size of the pickup, we suspect that it escaped with much less damage than the Mustang.

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