Brand New Dodge Charger Hellcat Gets Burnt Trying To Do A Burnout


Dodge‘s Hellcat vehicles are known for being tire-shredding machines (at least the 2-wheel drive ones are), but one Hellcat owner pushed his a bit too far as it burst into flames while attempting to do a burnout.

The incident occurred at Irwindale Speedway in California where a car meet was taking place. The Charger could be seen doing donuts for about two minutes straight before eventually holding a burnout in one place. That was what did it in, though, as a few seconds later, the rear of the car essentially blew up.

It’s unclear as to why the Charger exploded in the way it did, but most people in the comments were speculating that it was either the tire bursting by itself or possibly igniting another flammable substance. Thankfully, the meet’s organizers had set up an enclosure for people to do their stunts in, so the spectators were out of harm’s way.

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Shortly after, a fire crew was able to put out the blaze while Back to the Future-esque flaming tire marks fizzled out in the foreground. Supposedly everyone involved was safe, including the driver, but we have to wonder why he didn’t immediately stop his burnout when his Hellcat caught on fire. We also couldn’t even begin to imagine the cost of the damages caused by this incident (assuming the car isn’t now totaled).

Later in the video we do get to see the car, and it surprisingly appeared to suffer little to no structural damage. That being said, it was still charred to a crisp, and who knows what’s going on underneath the skin. Nevertheless, the owner drove it home, and could be seen revving the engine on exit.

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