Adding A Digital Cluster Into The Ford Maverick Is Apparently A Plug-And-Play Job


The Ford Maverick is proving to be a runaway success for the car manufacturer thanks in part to its $19,995 starting price. However, to achieve such a starting price, Ford did have to skimp on some features, including a digital instrument cluster on base models. Fortunately, there’s a solution to that.

A Ford Maverick owner and user at the Maverick Truck Club forum, Tyvemattis, recently decided that he wanted something a little fancier than the cluster of the entry-level model. As such, he ordered a full digital cluster designed for the 2020 Ford Escape and surprisingly, the display powered up and worked the moment it was plugged in.

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There are a handful of small issues. For example, the fuel gauge only reads up to a maximum of half tank. One forum member says this is because the Escape uses two fuel level senders whereas the Maverick only has one, meaning it can only display half a tank, even if the tank is full. The display also shows a number of fault codes because it came off a high-end Escape, equipped with many features that the Maverick does not have.

Ford Maverick’s standard cluster

Swapping the gauge clusters won’t be the only upgrade this Maverick owner performs. He ultimately wants to make it better equipped than a Lariat variant and has already started installing a pair of paddle shifters. Tyvemattis has even created a group on Facebook for Maverick owners looking to upgrade and hack into their trucks.

Demand for the Ford Maverick has been so strong that it has already reached production capacity for the 2022 model year, prompting Ford to stop accepting new orders on January 27. Orders will only reopen later this year when the 2023 model arrives.

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