Porsche enhances infotainment in key models


Porsche is dialing up the capabilities of the infotainment system in some of its most popular cars and light trucks.

The sixth generation of the Porsche Communication Management system — or PCM 6.0 — adds direct Spotify integration, allowing users to access the streaming service without having to connect via a smartphone.

The infotainment system, available on newly produced 911, Taycan, Cayenne and Panamera models, also undergoes a visual update with new colored icons and wireless Android Auto connectivity.

Porsche’s voice assistant can now more easily access news updates, the owner’s manual and in-vehicle music streaming.

PCM 6.0 debuted in the 2022 Porsche 911, which arrived in U.S. stores last fall.

Infotainment has become a new battleground. Automakers see the high-tech systems as a way to differentiate and develop recurring revenue sources from subscription services.

Mercedes-Benz and BMW are plowing significant capital into developing bespoke infotainment systems that run on sweeping dashboard displays.

The PCM 6.0 update also brings improvements to Porsche’s newest model line — the all-electric Taycan.

Porsche has improved how the charging sessions in its Charging Planner are calculated. The algorithm prioritizes charging stations that offer a higher energy output (150 kW and up) and plans charging stops more efficiently.

The software also now accounts for the time required to start and end the charging process at the station when calculating total driving time.

A new zoom function for charging stations during the trip shows available charging options in the area, including if they are in use. And charging points can be sorted by their power output.

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