Watch A GR Yaris Trying To Recover A Porsche 911 From A Snowy Ditch


Driving on snowy terrain can be challenging, especially if your car has plenty of horsepower, is rear-wheel-drive, and doesn’t come with winter tires. This was likely the case with the pictured Porsche 992 that ended up stuck in a ditch on the side of the road in Poland. Thankfully, a Toyota GR Yaris was there to help even though things didn’t go very smoothly.

The GR Yaris sounds like a fitting car for the snow thanks to the rally-derived GR-Four all-wheel-drive system that allows the 257 hp (192 kW / 261 PS) three-cylinder engine to shine in any tarmac. However, it is still a lightweight vehicle that had a hard time towing the larger and heavier 911 in low-traction conditions.

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Adding up to the issues, the driver of this GR Yaris thought it would be a good idea to pull from a weird angle, in what seems to be the wrong direction. This caused the Japanese hot hatch to slide around struggling to find grip and come dangerously close to hitting the bystanders. Commenters under the video that was posted on Instagram by @Supercar.Fails said that the Toyota managed to tow the Porsche out of the ditch eventually, while no one was injured.

A post by another user called @__the_knife__ who was present at the incident gives us a better idea of the circumstances. The driver of the red Porsche 911 likely lost control of the sportscar while he was drifting on this icy course alongside other vehicles. Thankfully no one got hurt and the damage on the Porsche could be purely cosmetic thanks to the soft snow. We are sure that everyone involved will be more careful next time.

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