U.S. Judge Filmed Crashing, Arrested And Charged With DUI


A U.S. judge has been caught on camera crashing his SUV in Stockton, California and attempting to leave the scene on foot.

The incident was captured by a Stockton police accountability advocate who was doing the rounds in the local neighborhood and livestreaming to YouTube. The judge in question was San Joaquin County Judge Michael Mulvihill.

The footage shows the judge speeding past the cop watcher along a four-lane road where he can be seen briefly swerving across lanes. As he accelerates away, he begins to swerve to the left and ultimately hits the left side of a bridge. The force of this impact sends him into the right side of the bridge before he grinds to a halt. Debris is left strewn across the road.

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The YouTuber quickly pulled away from the scene after the crash and found a safe place to park. When returning to the crash, the cop watcher filmed Mulvihill trying to walk away from the scene but was prevented to do so by bystanders.

Police soon responded to the crash and promptly arrested Mulvihill, who confirmed that he had been charged with DUI, 209 Times reports.

It is hard to determine how much damage has been done to the SUV but judging by how fast it was traveling when it hit the concrete barriers, we suspect it has sustained some serious visual and mechanical damage.

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