Honda Civic Driver Ignores All Warning Signs And Slams Into Truck


Pile-ups unfortunately happen all too often and are particularly prevalent in snowy and ice conditions where visibility is low and it’s harder to make an emergency stop. However, this particular accident didn’t happen because of treacherous conditions but rather due to what seems to be a lack of situational awareness.

It is unclear where this incident occurred but video footage uploaded to social media appears to show a large truck blocking the flow of traffic on a highway after colliding with a car. A number of other cars and trucks have pulled over to the side of the road and at least one of them can be seen with its hazard lights flashing.

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However, despite all the signs that an accident has occured, the driver of a black Honda Civic speeds into view, seemingly unaware of what is ahead. The driver of the Civic can be seen careening past the vehicles that have pulled over and proceeds to slam directly into the side of the truck. Liquid is flung into the air after impact, likely because the Civic slammed into one of the truck’s tanks.

The video cuts out shortly after the crash and it is unclear what happened next. The impact was quite severe so hopefully the car’s airbags did their job and prevented the driver and any occupants of the Civic from being injured.

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