The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Rearranges Your Perception Of What’s Possible


For all of the Bugatti Chiron’s impressive figures, I don’t often think of it as, you know, a car. It might as well be a racehorse for all its relevance to my life. More a plaything for the rich than a means of transportation, I find it hard to fathom what’s going on with the car’s lineup.

Take, for instance, the Chiron Pur Sport. What can a couple of degrees of camber, a few pounds less weight, and some stiffer springs do in the face of 1,479 hp (1,500 PS/1,103 kW)?

Well, a lot, it turns out – at least according to Carwow’s Mat Watson, who just published his review of the Chiron Pur Sport and finds it to be an impressive car.

“Already, even when you’re driving along slowly, it feels a bit more intense than the [Chiron] Super Sport,” he says. “You’ve got that firmer suspension – it’s not uncomfortable but you just feel the bumps ever so slightly more.”

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And although all of Bugatti’s weight saving efforts have amounted to just 50 kg (110 lbs) in weight reductions (the same amount of weight that the fixed-rear wing adds), their work has served a purpose. With less soundproofing, the car sounds more like a race car and with the stiffer suspension, it feels a little more exciting, too.

The added camber, meanwhile, makes it more eager to turn in and the lighter steering makes the whole car feel much lighter than, say, the Chiron Super Sport. The changed gear ratios, meanwhile, make it a much faster accelerating car, all of which combines to make it feel much more exciting than other Chirons.

“In terms of just [explitives] and giggles, this is the Chiron to go for,” says Watson. “It feels like a lightweight sports car, not a completely nuts eight-liter, 16-cylinder, quad-turbo, two-tonne, four-wheel-drive monster. It just rearranges your brain this thing.”

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