Why Can’t This Range Rover Sport Go Up A Snowy Hill?


The Range Rover Sport is a very capable off-roader but this video shows one getting defeated by a snowy hill somewhere in Europe.

Initially, the Range Rover Sport can be seen heading up the hill, seemingly without issue. However, as it continues, it begins to slow down until it grinds to a halt, unable to put its power to the ground. This is despite the fact that it was apparently fitted with winter tires from Michelin.

The driver can be seen reversing back down the hill and trying to get up the snowy hill for a second time but once again, the SUV was left spinning its wheels. Ultimately, the driver is forced to give up and admit defeat.

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Ordinarily, a Range Rover Sport should be able to get up a snow-covered hill like this without too much difficulty, especially when equipped with winter tires.

There are a few reasons that could explain why the driver couldn’t get up the hill. One explanation is that the tires were very worn and simply couldn’t get any traction. It’s also possible that there was a sheet of ice beneath the snow that isn’t visible in the video. Some people commenting on the clip also state that the driver may have left the traction control on and that they simply didn’t know how to handle such conditions.

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