Nissan Invites You To Try Making Its Cars With Free Papercraft Instructions


Nissan wants to help us all hang on to the final remaining shreds of our sanity with a series of new activities to keep us distracted entertained as the winter once again steals our sunshine.

The Japanese company is offering the instructions to make seven of its models out of paper. If you burn through those too quickly, there’s good news, Infiniti also previously offered a selection of papercraft models.

The Nissan models offered include the Ariya, the LEAF, the Kicks, and the GT-R as well as a trio of Japanese market vehicles, the Roox, the Note, and the Elgrand. Infiniti, meanwhile, is offering the QX55, the FX35, the QX80, and the Q50S.

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Along with the printed instructions (we’ve linked to the PDFs of those), you’ll also need glue, scissors, an Exacto knife, and a ruler. For the GT-R, though Nissan suggests also having a pencil, tweezers, toothpicks, and a used ball-point pen or stylus because of its complexity.

The automaker also suggests that you use your thickest paper for these “carigami” puzzles since it will make them easier to build and more impressive to behold once you’re done. It also suggests using a fast-drying adhesive like wood glue for the best results.

The company has also published a video to give you a little bit more help in making these paper creations. To be sure, even though these look kind of simple at first, as is often the case with simple things, proper execution looks like it will be quite difficult. So maybe these will help keep you occupied for a while.

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