This Motorcycle And Its Owner Took A Very Unexpected Dive In A Jacuzzi


Using your feet to move a motorcycle can be quite difficult for novices. Heck, even I’ve fallen over while wheeling a motorbike around but fortunately, my experience wasn’t quite as disastrous as this.

This clip was recently shared to Reddit and shows an individual slowly walking backward with his motorcycle from the garage into his living space. However, while looking to his left, the man accidentally places his right foot into the property’s jacuzzi. As a result, he falls directly into the water, bringing the motorbike with him.

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It goes without saying that the layout of this house is extremely odd. This security camera footage from inside the property shows a laundry, kitchen, garage, and the spa all in the same room and having a jacuzzi at ground level like can prove to be hazardous.

It’s unclear what happens after the video cuts off but immediately after toppling over into the water, the man’s partner and dogs quickly rush to the scene. If the motorcycle’s engine was on at the time of the incident, it will have sucked up heaps of water and could be completely destroyed. For the owner’s sake we hope the bike wasn’t on and that it didn’t suffer any irreversible damage. And, it goes without saying, we do hope that the man didn’t suffer any injuries and was just soaked by his unintended bath…

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