Which Tesla Should You Buy In 2022? Is There A Wrong Answer?

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Our friend Andy Slye provides plenty of advice and insight on his YouTube channel. He’s clearly a Tesla fan, but rather than spending his time touting Tesla and calling out other automakers for their incompetence, he typically focuses on providing video coverage that will help prospective EV owners.

That said, it’s almost the end of the year, so it’s time once again for Slye to provide his Tesla Buyer’s Guide. If you’re in the market for a Tesla, now is a better time than any to get your order in. According to Tesla’s website, people who order certain Tesla models/configurations today may not take delivery until this time next year, though there are certainly acceptions. 

Slye talks about several topics related to Tesla’s lineup, such as safety and software. In addition, he explains how and why electric cars are so much better than gas cars. Tesla’s vehicles have a frunk for extra storage, you’ll never have to visit a gas station again, no more oil changes, cheaper “fuel,” less overall maintenance, and the list goes on.

After delivering details about Tesla’s fleet, in general, Andy discusses each model, starting with the Model 3, which is the most popular electric car in the world. However, as we’ve reported, its larger sibling, the Model Y crossover is now selling even better than the Model 3 on our shores. Slye goes on to talk about the newly refreshed Model S and Model X, as well as the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster.

Slye provides the following topics and timestamps to make it easier to navigate the video. Give it a watch so you “Don’t Make a Mistake!” After you’ve had a chance to review Andy’s recommendations, head down to the comment section and share your own.

0:00 2022 Tesla Buying Guide
1:12 Safety
2:39 Software
4:50 Sponsor
6:17 Superior
8:41 Model 3
12:00 Model Y
14:29 Model S & X
18:56 Cybertruck & Roadster

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