How Nice Of Them: Hit And Run Perpetrators Leave Their License Plates Behind


Hit and run accidents are, unfortunately, quite common, especially in parked vehicles. Imagine walking to your car and realizing that someone damaged it, leaving it to you to clean up the mess. Searching for clues in order to locate the perpetrators can be challenging; however, sometimes it’s not that hard.

As proven by the pictures recently posted on Reddit, two separate victims of hit and run accidents found license plates stuck on the rear wheels of their damaged vehicles. It seems that the irresponsible drivers who fled the scene didn’t notice that there was something important, and incriminating, missing from their vehicles and thought that they could get away with it.

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In general, it is hard to locate the driver and type of vehicle that crashed on your car without any notes, witnesses, CCTV or dashcam footage. Depending on the angle and the amount of damage sustained, debris from the cars like mirrors, paint, or parts of the bumper can help with the identification process but even if you know the exact model it is quite difficult to find the actual car that hit you.

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In these two cases, however, finding the car could be a matter of seconds since the license plate has all the information one could need. So it should be pretty easy to reach the car’s owner, but the tricky part is to prove who was driving at the time of the accident since it is not uncommon for hit and run incidents to involve stolen vehicles.

Besides having license plates sticking out of the rear wheels, the red Hyundai and the black Subaru have more things in common. They both have severe damage on the sides with dents and scratches on the doors and rear fenders, and it looks like repairing them will be a costly thing to do. We guess that both the insurance companies and the owners notified the police about the findings and we hope the perpetrators are identified and pay for the damage they caused.

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