Car Thief Leads Police On Chase, Tries To Get Out Of It By Pretending To Be Asleep


When people are caught, sometimes they’ll come up with the dumbest excuses to try getting out of trouble. That’s the case here, but police didn’t fall for the unconvincing act of a teenage car thief.

According to the UK’s Greater Manchester Police, officers were on patrol in the Levenshulme area when they noticed a Kia Sportage they believed to be stolen.

After following the crossover for a bit, the driver decided to make a run for it. A pursuit ensued and the teenage driver was involved in a “number of minor collisions with other cars before mounting a central reservation on Stockport Road, which caused damage to the car’s tires.” Despite having two flats, the teen continued driving before eventually abandoning the crossover and making a run on foot.

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Police lost the teen in the process, so they enlisted the help of a tracking dog to hunt him down. The dog lead them to a garden behind a house, where they found a “balaclava and gloves covered with his scent.” Since the trail ended there, authorities were convinced their suspect was hiding inside.

Police then entered the home and found the teen “upstairs pretending to be asleep.” However, they saw through the act and arrested him. Authorities later discovered the 16 year old entered someone else’s property, took the keys and made off with the Kia.

Fast forward to earlier this week and the teen “received a 12 month Youth Rehabilitation Order, a 12 month driving disqualification and a £85 ($113 / €101) fine at Manchester Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to aggravated vehicle taking, no license and no insurance.”  Maybe he should have used that money on acting lessons instead.

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