This Looks Like An Old Top Gear Creation That’s Sprouted A C4 Corvette Front End


What do you get when you combine Top Gear’s Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust from 2010 with a C4 Chevrolet Corvette? As you can see, the answer is an extremely bizarre-looking vehicle.

This creation was recently spotted in Florence, South Carolina and while we have only found a single image of it, this photo does give us a decent look at the car.

Evidently, the front takes the form of a C4 Corvette finished in a bright shade of red. We can also see that the car sits on original C4 wheels but every other part of it is unique and looks to have been inspired by the Eagle i-Thrust, lovingly known as George.

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The bodywork is finished in matte black and is almost a perfect rectangle. The roof is completely flat, the windshield and rear window sit vertically, and there isn’t even the slightest hint of any curves or design lines across the sides.

This Reddit image doesn’t provide us with a good look at the interior of the car, meaning it is hard to know if it is actually based on a C4 Corvette chassis and has a Corvette interior. If this is indeed a real Corvette, the only possible reason we can think of as to why only the front end of it remains is that the rest of the bodywork was perhaps damaged in a crash. Alternatively, it is possible that the vehicle was built from the ground up in the owner’s shed and they simply decided to slap on the front of a C4.

In any case, saying it’s one of the most ungainly things on four wheels we’ve ever seen is definitely an understatement.

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