U-Haul Driver Goes From One Disastrous Mistake To The Other


The driver of a U-Haul truck has discovered how badly things can go wrong if you try to enter a tight parking structure with a vehicle that simply won’t fit. This footage shows the driver of the truck trying to drive into the parking area and failing on all possible levels.

When the driver initially pulls in, it’s obvious that the truck is taller than the carpark, prompting a height clearance bar to quickly retract after being hit by the truck. The driver however decided against getting out and actually making sure they have clearance and instead hit the throttle and immediately strike a water line in the carpark.

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Realizing they’ve messed up, the driver reverses but from there, things only get worse. Completely oblivious to the fact that there are two low-hanging concrete beams on either side of the truck, the driver pulls to the left and tries to accelerate away. However, the top of the truck ends up hitting one of these beams, stopping it in its tracks. The driver tries a second time and has the same result. They then reverse, hitting a second beam. Things then got even worse in the third attempt as the U-Haul truck hits the pipe of a sprinkler system.

Blown sludge can be seen pouring from the roof before water covers the truck. The driver decides against calling it quits and tries once again to get out but again hits the concrete beams on multiple occasions. They then drive forwards, this time hitting another water pipe, busting it open as well.

It all makes for a rather hilarious scene although the insurance company of the the U-Haul truck driver was probably slapped with some expensive repair bills.

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