BMW Driver Says He Was Terrorized By A Group Of Teens Riding On Bicycles In Boston


A BMW driver from Boston claims that he was “terrorized” by a group of 20 to 30 bicycle-riding teenagers who surrounded his car at a red light. The incident, reported by CBS Boston, was caught on video by his girlfriend who was in the front passenger seat.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, said that teenagers approached his car unprovoked while he was at a red light in the Allston area. He claims he saw a little dent on the bodywork which made him “upset”.

Fifteen minutes after the first incident, the driver coincidentally ran into the same group of teenagers again, this time in the Roxbury area. This is when things allegedly got out of control with the teens hitting and spitting on the car. “They just all started to surround my car and pretty much terrorized me. I had to lock the doors while they were just banging on my vehicle, trying to smash my windshield, trying to break my headlights,” said the driver.

From the video shot by the driver’s girlfriend, we can see that the couple is inside a BMW 2-Series F22 (2014-2021). Teenagers can be seen all around the vehicle and one of them is pictured kicking the front end of the BMW. The woman hits the horn and prompts her boyfriend to call the police.

The police searched the area for suspects but didn’t find anyone and are now investigating the incident. The owner told CBS Boston the message he wants to get across is that “we should all have a certain level of respect for each other”.

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