Little Talladega Is The 60 Acre AirBnB Petrolheads’ Dreams Are Made Of


In Pomona, Missouri, there’s a place where gearheads can be free, where the only limit on the amount of fun you can have is the amount of time you’ve booked. That place is called Little Talladega.

An Airbnb located on a 60-acre property, the location features an 8,500+ sq ft Tuscan style home with accommodations for 16 people. That means six bedrooms, 12 beds, and six and a half baths. All of which is great because its marquee features are the two race tracks and miles of trails renters have access to.

Although the tracks aren’t huge, they’re more than big enough to drift on or to host a karting Grand Prix with all 15 of the friends you’re staying at the house with. Its teardrop shape, with a chicane in the middle, also allows for a few track setups to prolong the fun. The small dirt oval, meanwhile, will provide hours of fun.

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As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a massive garage with go-karts and ATVs. It even has enough space to set up a crazy kart course.

If you get tired of driving there’s also an arcade in the shop, as well as a tennis court, basketball court, a baseball diamond, a playground, a swimming pool, a billiards table, a dance floor, and more.

Several kitchens mean you won’t be left hungry, and if it wasn’t clear that this place is set up for car enthusiasts, two of the bedrooms feature car beds (one JDM themed the other classic pickup themed) for when you inevitably collapse from exhaustion after you become overstimulated from all the activities.

Forget Vegas, Pomona, Missouri is where I want my next weekend away to take place!

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