Watch Someone Steal A C8 Corvette Right In Front Of Dealership Staff


A video has been posted online showing someone stealing a brand new Chevrolet C8 Corvette Stingray right out of a dealership.

This footage was shared to the C8 Corvette and Friends page on Facebook and shows a salesman next to the sports car. Apparently, the individual behind the wheel was just about to get a tour of the car’s interior by the salesman but quickly locked the doors, preventing the salesman from getting inside.

The salesman looks absolutely baffled as the individual drives off, speeding off the dealership lot before entering into an intersection and cutting off a red SUV. The video then cuts out.

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The thief’s joyride didn’t last very long, however. In fact, those commenting on the video suggest police stopped the driver just a couple of blocks away from the dealership.

Evidently, the Corvette thief didn’t really think things through very well. Even if they had managed to avoid being stopped by local authorities, it’s possible that the car had a dedicated tracker on it and even if it didn’t, the dealership probably could have called up OnStar to see where the car was. Police would have also been notified and probably wouldn’t have had much difficulty finding the ‘Vette thanks to its Red Mist exterior paint finish and black racing stripes.

It remains to be seen what happened to the man but we would be surprised if police didn’t charge him with the theft.

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